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Is Grano Milano whole bean coffee vacuum-sealed?

Every Grano Milano whole bean coffee bag is equipped with an innovative one-way valve. This unique design lets air and naturally occurring gases escape from the bag but blocks oxygen from getting in. Thanks to this patented technology, the freshness and sensory qualities of all Grano Milano whole bean coffees are maintained.

My bricks of coffee are puffy, is that an issue?

Every Grano Milano coffee brick is completely sealed before it leaves our warehouse. If you press on the brick and don't feel any air escaping, it means the seal is perfectly intact, ensuring that the coffee brick is fully sealed. This guarantees that there's no compromise on the coffee's freshness or its preservation.

Are there any nuts in Grano Milano coffees?

Products from Grano Milano are made solely of coffee and are manufactured in dedicated facilities that only produce coffee.

Is Grano Milano coffee Gluten Free?

Our ingredients do not contain gluten; however, we cannot assure a completely gluten-free process throughout the supply chain.

Is Grano Milano coffee Kosher?

Grano Milano coffees adhere to Kosher standards, and we invite you to contact us via email to obtain the Kosher certification documents.

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