When purchasing a pod coffee machine, I thought it’d be a blessing and I’d have speedy no-frills brew-ups in the mornings and the afternoons…But then, there was the Disappointment as the coffee that came out of my Nespresso© machine was watery and just not as good as I expected.

Unfortunately, instead of smooth and calm mornings, many people start their days being less than satisfied with the jolts of caffeine that were expected to get us running.

At Grano Milano, we’ve decided to put an end to such disappointment and tasteless coffees!

Our original Italian coffee blends were created to ensure every capsule delivers perfect taste to our customers’ mugs and provides a true Gourmet experience.

The world’s favourite Nespresso© coffee machines are ideal for brewing Grano Milano and exploding its flavours and aromas.

More than 30 years of experience in the coffee industry has helped us to create a brand that is on the level with restaurant-quality coffee drinks but at the distance of the outstretched hand. Like skillful perfumers, our experts mixed different coffee varieties, explored beans, and roasts to create one-of-a-kind deeper and more sophisticated coffee experience. At Grano Milano, we are true innovators, professionals, and coffeeholics. Thanks to our commercial expertise, we have access to quality raw products and the possibility to build production and distribution, so as an exceptionally quality coffee would be much more affordable than the same-class competition.

For the last two years of coffee capsules creation, we’ve closely cooperated with our customers, collected their feedback, reviews, and suggestions. Today, we are proud to say that Grano Milano coffee capsules have been polished to perfection. Our pods are robust, get pierced easily during the brew, bear marks with most optimal coffee mug sizes, and let you make a perfect drink without any effort. Manufactured in Italy, Grano Milano capsules get brewed ideally.

Each and every Grano Milano blend is unique and delivers coffee flavours distinctly and exceptionally. We never stay still and always in search of new delicious coffee tastes.

Yours truly,

Grano Milano

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