What unites Italy and the rest of the world?
Of course it’s coffee. And Italy is a coffee making leader.

How did it all begin?

Once upon a time, British teenager, named Michael, went to visit his uncle Giuseppe in Genoa. Michael fell in love with Italy instantly. The country impressed him with its beauty, sunny weather and friendly people. Milan was his first stop. Great city with abundant history and multitude of ideas, flavors and possibilities. But what impressed Michael the most was a coffee roasting plant his uncle ran.

Magical environment, fascinating aroma of freshly roasted coffee and roasting process itself forever changed Michael’s life. He talked about coffee every day. It became clear even then that teenager’s life will be influenced by coffee.

In search of answers

Uncle introduced Michael to coffee culture, shared his knowledge, recommended books and was very proud of his nephew, who showed ingenuity and creativity beyond his years.

For several years Michael has been looking for an answer: “How to make a unique, signature product that stands out from the crowd?” He kept consulting with his uncle, shared his thoughts with him. This was the first step towards the coffee legacy of Grano Milano.

His plan consisted of a whole complex of activities, first step was the selection of new coffee varieties. Michael decided to avoid large coffee makers and concentrate on boutique companies, who aren’t afraid to experiment and do something unusual and unique. Inspired by the idea, Michael decided to visit different coffee regions. Michael visited Central and South America, Asia and Africa where he met coffee roasters. With their help Michael achieved the desired result.

In addition, Michael introduced new roasting process ideas that helped to make a high quality product. He created new coffee capsules that featured bold body, velvety and dense aftertaste and most importantly rich foam!

They succeeded but Michael and Giuseppe had another question. What signature flavors do they want to have? And how to name their new and unique brand?


Days went by, Michael and his uncle couldn’t find answers to their question. So they decided to go on vacation together visiting beautiful and breath-taking Italian cities. Little did they know, it started the Grano Milano brand.

On vacation Michael realized that each Italian city and region has its unique character. He created coffee blends that reflected those unique characters. Uncle Giuseppe was so impressed by his nephew’s passion that he offered to invest in nephew’s company.

However, they couldn’t come up with the brand’s name. It was about to change. Michael had to come back to London and his uncle decided to take him to the airport. They enjoyed a cup of espresso before the flight and spoke about Michael’s first visit to Milan. It’s then when Michael said: the Milan coffee beans are so special.

The Grano Milano brand was born.

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